Your Trusted Home Inspection.

I strive to provide you the most comprehensive home inspection possible. 

I use a Flir One Pro Infrared camera in each of my inspections to help identify heat loss and distribution anomalies. 

I utilize a Flir MR160 Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter in each of my inspections to help identify potential moisture problems within the home. 

I bring a Testo 310 combustion analyzer to check for low level CO leaks within your home that can go undetected. Low level CO can be an indication of a cracked furnace heat exchanger which can be extremely dangerous for you and your family

I am a Journeyman Electrician with a Red Seal Endorsement. I bring electrical equipment to test GFCI and AFI circuits. My electrical schooling helps me provide better value for you when identify electrical issues. 

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         LEL Combustible Gas Testing 
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Smoke alarms and Microwave leakage
Radon Testing
Reports and Photography

When in the furnace room or around gas pipes within the home I will use my natural gas leak detector to check for possible gas leaks that can be highly dangerous if present. 

Most home inspectors unfortunately  do not test smoke detectors or microwaves for radiation leakage. I test both whenever possible and bring cans of smoke to properly function test the smoke detectors for you and your families safety. 

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and its estimated that 1 in 8 homes in Calgary have higher levels. It takes a minimum 48 hours to do a sample so I do not test during my inspection as time does not permit. Once your moved in and settled I would highly recommend having your house tested. 

I bring a higher quality camera not just a phone camera to each inspection. I have an inspection pole that I use along with the camera to get a closer look when access is limited for roof or attick inspections. Plus I will provide you with and easy to read report.







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