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Ozone Shock Treatment Odor Removal - Affordable services of ozone shock treatment in Calgary

The environment plays a vital role to accommodate the livings according to their concerns and our lifestyle is identified through this aspect that describes the class of living. The air and overall ambiance are the major concerns that affect a lot to us and these attributes can never be the same for always due to environmental behavior. There may appear odor, smoke, mold and other things and to eliminate all these contaminants, we Mi Casa Home Inspection is the only company for odor removal in Calgary and are doing these things for more than 15 years. We are the most trusted resource that is capable to generate crystal clear environment and can bring the desired ambiance with quality. Every tool and tactic is quite advanced and professional that assists us to create flawless results as customers expect.

There could be a lot of reasons that spread unhealthy elements throughout the property and we are the only existence that can clean out the entire home by eliminating the flaws with 100% satisfaction.

Have our Most Advanced Services:

All the service providers throughout the globe deal in their specified services with the purpose to facilitate the people in their respected concerns. We as a professional home inspector are performing the inspections for several years and have a strong grip to eliminate the wholesome issues from a livelihood. The odors and such elements can appear due to several reasons like the dog urine, cat urine, bacterias, mold, cigarette smoke, pet dander and many more and all we need to do is to get rid of these flaws that disturb the overall environment. Ozone shock treatment in Calgary is the best cure for these issues that is performed with the high O3 output commercial grade equipment by a qualified technician. This execution elevates the ozone level to 6-12ppm for 3 to 4 hours duration and when the machine is turned off the ozone reverts back to the oxygen having no chemical and residue.

We also do a home inspection with the help of our most advanced tools and tactics that makes us able to identify the issues located in the corners of a home. These flaws could be various like gas leakage, pipes breakage, electricity issues, spaces in windows and doors that allow cold air into the home and many more. We are the one true resource that can transform the overall fixtures into newly installed existences.


We Charge Affordable Prices:

Our prices are quite competent as compared to the other service providers. We do not tend to charge the excessive amount but the vision to serve the customers flawlessly by eliminating their issues.

Give Us a Line:

When you have an odor or any other problem in your livelihood, just call us on this number 587-893-CASA (2272) or email us at and we will be in front of you in no time.

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