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Ozone shock treatment is a safe , affordable and green solution for eliminating odors, bacteria, cigarette smoke, curry smells, mold, pathogens and pet dander, cat urine, dog urine. This is not the same as long low level ozone treatments. A shock treatment is performend with "High O3 output" commercial grade equipment by a qualified technician that elevates the Ozone level to 6-12 ppm for a  3-4 hour duration in most cases. Once the machines are turned off the Ozone reverts back to oxygen within 20-30 minutes leaving no residue or chemicals. 

                "Ozone and ULV Fogging"
 Cost is dependent on square footage of  property and level of contamination.  Please contact for more accurate pricing.

Note:     Some jobs require more then Ozone and fogging to be effective. Depending on the scope of contamination a deep cleaning of walls, floors, and carpets may be required. A platinum service is also offered for whole home cleaning including deep cleaning of carpets and floors and painting as required. Mi Casa can handle more significant remediation/ mitigation services when required. Please contact for pricing.

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