Your Comprehensive Home Inspection.

I am passionate about doing a great job! I am a professional home inspector and perform all of my home inspections with the best available technology. The best home inspectors use more then just a flashlight and ladder. 


Its estimated that more then 50 people a year die from CO poising in Canada alone. I use my Testo combustion analyzer to test the air within your home for CO. The instrument is much more sensitive then a home CO detector. Whenever possible I check for high levels of CO within the flue gas of the hot water heater and furnace. Typical flue levels are below 10ppm if they are found to be above 100ppm a service by a qualified technician is in order. If the CO is above 100ppm free air in the flue. The furnace isn't running to its optimal performance and can only make things more dangerous for you and your family if a flue backdraft or cracked heat exchanger ever occurred. 


Using my Natural Gas leak detector to check for possible leak on suspected pipe leak in basement. 


I arrive prepared for what ever the inspection throws at me. I bring a 28' extension ladder, a articulating ladder, 6' step ladder and step stool with me to each job. Plus a large variety of tools. 


Using a 21' inspection pole with remote high zoom camera to inspect a cedar shake roof from the ground. Its not recommend to walk on cedar roofs. They can be slippery and you can do unintentional damage to the shingles. 


Broken doorlatch and seal is allowing cold air into home.

Insulation is missing or compressed under the window. 

Attic hatch isn't sealing on the one side and allowing cold air into home.


I started in the Electrical trade 19 years ago and received my Journeyman Certification in 2005. Over the years I've experienced everything from Industrial, Commercial to Residential electrical systems. This experience is invaluable when evaluating a homes electrical systems.  I bring my electrical meters and circuit analyzer with me to each inspection. I always strive to provide you with the most comprehensive inspection possible.







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